Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Brooklyn's head

Over the weekend, my mom noticed that Brooklyn's head was more flat than it had been before. We had discussed the flatness with Dr. A before, and he had said that although the back of Brooklyn's head was flat, he wasn't too worried about it because it was not asymmetrical. Well, on Sunday we saw that it had become somewhat asymmetrical - the right side stuck out more and was making her right ear stick out a different direction than her left one. I also had noticed a little pea-sized knot on the back of her skull on Saturday, but didn't worry too much about it at the time.

I wasn't sure whether I should call Dr. A about it. I don't want them to think I'm the mom that freaks out and overreacts and calls about every little thing. Which I know I don't, but we are already at their office so much for Brooklyn's other problems. My mom called me at work on Monday and said she really thought I should call Dr. A just to ask him about it. So I did, and they wanted me to bring Brooklyn in at 4:00.

That's when I really started worrying...like oh crap, something else is wrong, they're going to send us to more specialists. They're going to make her wear one of those horrible skull-reshaping helmets. What about the little knot on her head? What if it's something really bad? I called my hubby and he was kind of freaking out too, talking about how he didn't want to put Brooklyn through anything else, etc...

But it was okay. Dr. A said that on a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 is a perfectly-shaped baby head, Brooklyn's is about a 3. Her skull is a little asymmetrical and she has a bit of a head tilt because of it. He showed me a couple of physical therapy exercises to do on her neck every day to help with that. He also told me to roll up a blanket or burp cloth and put it under the right side of her carseat cover when she sleeps at night to try to get her to turn her head to the left instead, to try to even things out. We are just going to keep an eye on it for now. Dr. A told us that most babies' heads will round back out by the time their soft spots close at 15 months. He said that if I wanted, he would refer us to Dallas to get her fitted for a helmet...I said NO THANK YOU!!! We are also going to keep an eye on the knot on her skull. He didn't seem alarmed by it but said that usually when babies have spots like those, they are lymph nodes, but her spot is too hard to be a lymph node. So hopefully it will just go away!!!

Oh...and little miss Brooklyn weighed 13 pounds even!!! She is doing so good with her weight gain the past few weeks. She will be 7 months this Friday. Unbelievable.


And Baby Makes Three said...

Claire had a flat spot on her head too...hers was from having low amnio fluid and laying on her right side in utero--then preferring her right side when she was born. Our doctor suggested a helmet, and we were the same way--NO WAY!!! We have pretty much corrected the problem with positioning and stretching exercises (it took 3 months). One way when she's awake and in her bouncy chair or carseat is to position yourself to the side that you want her to face-- 99% of the time she will look that way to see you and have your attention. Also when you feed her a bottle or hold her, alternate what side you hold her on...it's amazing when we realized that she was ALWAYS in our left arm so that we had our right arm free to do things. Another good thing to try is a front carrier...Claire loves hers and it takes ALL the pressure off of their skulls. Hope this helps!


PS. I get her pics done at JC Penney or Portrait Innovations--they are both GREAT with kids!

Liz said...

I don't know if it would help or not, but....for whatever it's worth.....

When our kids were babies, we layed them on their side to sleep with one of those little baby 'prop' things. Each time we layed them down, we'd rotate which direction we layed them so that they were getting equal times on both sides. Of course I can't guarantee that's why we never had misshapen head issues, but it might be worth a shot. ???

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