Monday, July 6, 2009

The ways Brooklyn melts my heart

♥ She gives me big hugs at random times, and always just when I need them. When she hugs me, she lays her little head on me and pats me with one hand.

♥ She hugs everything she loves. She hugs our dogs, her baby dolls, her Elmos, her stuffed animals. She leans forward and lays her head on the picture of the crying baby in her Counting Kisses book and gives her a hug. We were in Build-A-Bear forever this weekend because she wanted to hug all of the stuffed animals! She hugs them all the same sweet way she hugs me...laying her head against them and patting them gently.

♥ Some days, she wakes up so happy in the morning. Her smile overtakes her face when I walk into her bedroom. She talks to me in her own language while I get her out of her Tucker sling, and she can't wait for me to pick her up and hold her. I can't wait, either.

♥ She is super snuggly in the mornings. I hold her close while she drinks her morning bottle, but it's just not close enough for her. She will sit up and lean against my chest and hug me until she decides that it's too hard to drink her bottle that way. A couple of minutes later, she will try again.

♥ She dances and bounces and spins and twirls with complete abandon when she hears music. Any kind of music. She loves it so much.

♥ She shares her bink and her bottles with her baby dolls and Elmos. She loves to share her toys and books with anyone. She doesn't care if you do anything with them, she just wants you to have them and hold them for a little while.

♥ She laughs hysterically everytime she sees any type of animal, whether in person, on TV, or in pictures. I have no idea why. But it's hysterically cute and always makes me smile! She has the cutest little voice and laugh.

♥ She loves to help me take care of her now. She helps brush her hair, she takes a turn brushing her teeth, and she helps me rub lotion on her chest and tummy. And she is oh-so-proud of herself when she does these things. She gets excited and claps with us when we praise her for pointing to her belly, head, mouth, feet, and nose. I love that self-confident grin. I hope she is always able to feel proud of herself.

♥ She just is herself. Her adorable, sweet, beautiful little self. She grows and learns more every day and I am in awe of her. I still gaze at her for ages and wonder how I could possibly be so blessed. I love my darling Baby Bear!

So tell me, what is your favorite thing that your baby does that makes your heart melt every time?
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