Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Leaving my mark

She is a nearly-blank slate, this beautiful little girl.
She is starting to make a few marks of her own.

someone has to show her how.
by the words I speak,
by the way I say them,
by the way I touch her,
by the way I treat others,
by telling her how proud of her I am,
by telling her what a great job she is doing,
what a beautiful, wonderful, smart, lovely little girl she is,
and that I will love her more than anything, no matter what,

by giving her hugs,
and time,
I will draw on the slate that is my amazing daughter.

I want her to have the pieces that are missing from my own work of art.
I will tell her the things that I wanted to be told so badly.
I know how important these words are to a little girl...
And to a girl who is not so little anymore.

I have to be careful that my lines are drawn perfectly straight,
that my curves are perfectly rounded.
I hold my breath and pray
that I don't make any mistakes.
Because I can't erase any marks I make on this canvas.
There is no room for error with a responsibility of this magnitude.

I want her to love everything about the beautiful painting that she becomes,
and know that every mark I ever made
was with complete and utter love
for everything that she is
and will become.
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