Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A storm coming

Brooklyn's appointment with the pediatric gastroenterologist is this afternoon. At first I wondered if we even needed to see a gastroenterologist since Brooklyn's main problem seems to be a respiratory issue. But her reflux has been really bad this weekend. She has been soaking through her clothes and burp cloths with her spit up. She has also been having the hour-long inconsolable screaming fits that I thought she had outgrown...several times per day on Saturday and Sunday. This is all in spite of being on maximum doses of Prevacid, Zantac, and Reglan. So I guess it's not a bad idea.

I have a somewhat negative attitude about all of this right now. I'm just very discouraged and I am no longer going into these appointments completely believing that the doctors are going to fix my baby. That's not to say that I am totally hopeless or that I don't believe that God is going to answer all of the prayers that are sent up for Brooklyn every day. I do have hope that someone is going to figure this out....just not as much as before. I guess the best way to explain my feelings about the appointment tomorrow is to say that I am not expecting anything from it. I would like to be pleasantly surprised though. I'm just not expecting it.

I am hoping for good weather for our trip to Dallas today. Tropical Storm Gustav is headed this way and we are under a tropical storm warning. Nothing has happened yet, but at least some very hard rain and winds are on the way. Since Gustav didn't end up being as bad as expected, I'm not quite as worried about this as I was a couple of days ago. The weather people were predicting 10-15 inches of rain here, but now they are saying more like 6 inches. They were also saying that Gustav was going to stall out and be over our area for several days, but now we may only be affected for about 2 days. All I know is, I hate driving on the interstate when it's raining. I have hydroplaned on it one too many times! I'm so, so afraid of getting into a wreck with Brooklyn in the car.

Of course, the hydroplaning won't be much of an issue if we are sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic. We are on the evacuation route from both Louisiana and Beaumont and have several thousand evacuees in our town right now. Of course they aren't just here - that's not the issue - they're in Dallas and everywhere in between too! I'm not too worried about traffic heading towards Dallas...but on the way home, everyone else may be headed back to their homes that they were evacuated from as well. We'll see. It could be a long trip.


Kate said...

Take care and be careful!!

Carrie27 said...

I hope you had a safe trip and a good appointment.

SmartOne said...

Hey there! My friend Becky said she will be MORE than willing to talk to you about everything she's been through (and is still going through) with her son, Christian. I'll email her contact information to you.

I hope that your trip wasn't too bad and I can't wait to read your update. Thanks for reading along over in my little corner! I hope that Becky will be able to give you some sound help, even if it's just to be there for you as someone who knows what it's like to have a medically-fragile child.(((HUGS)))

Beth & Steven said...

Hope you're pleasantly surprised tomorrow. Thoughts & prayers are with you & Beautiful Brooklyn.

Cibele said...

I know it is hard, but don’t loose hope. Be careful and take care of yourself... I be hoping for some answers tomorrow. HUGS

And Baby Makes Three said...

Any good news??? I thought about you girls yesterday ( :

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