Monday, September 29, 2008

The best sound in the world!

A cute little video for y'all :). Brooklyn is cracking up while Dave plays with her toy puppy. I absolutely loooooove her laugh, it is so adorable!!! I can't help but laugh with her every time. It's the cutest, sweetest sound I've ever heard!

(Pause the little iPod on the left so you can hear her!)

Brooklyn has this big beautiful crib in her room that she has never gotten to sleep in because of her airway problems. She has to sleep upright, so she sleeps in her carseat in our bedroom. So we lay her in her crib sometimes and play with her so that hopefully it won't be a scary, unfamiliar place when she does finally get to sleep in her own bed.

You can't hear much of her stridor in that video. But here is a clip from just a minute ago, sleeping and sounding the way she typically does. It's weird sometimes how the volume fluctuates. And it's never something where we can say, "Oh, if we lay/sit her in this position, it gets better." It's not predictable at all. The doctors always ask us when the noise gets better and when it gets worse. We can't say...all we can tell them is that it's pretty much always there. Last weekend, my grandparents were here, and I was holding Brooklyn while she slept. Her stridor was really, really loud. Then, without me moving her at all, it just went away for like 5 minutes, and pretty much shocked everyone. Then it came right back. I don't understand it. It just happens sometimes. I wonder if this is significant.

Weight check is this week, pulmonologist visit is next week, as is her pre-op appointment. Her endoscopy and bronchoscopy are the following week.


Beth & Steven said...

She is just too cute! I LOVE the video of her laughing! She is such a happy little beauty!

Hope all goes well at your appts... will be thinking of you!!!

Trish said...

Brooklyn is so cute Amanda.
One day I pray she will be sleeping in her crib.I am checking in to see how she is going.
Thinking of you for next week.I pray you will get some answers to help her.

And Baby Makes Three said...

Cute video of her laughing...such a happy little girl! And I love those leg-warmers...too cute!

Hope the weight check goes well.

MrsSpock said...

How cute! Is she wearing Babylegs? I have a few pairs for my son- I love 'em!

Hope said...

The video of her laughing os precious. Ava hasn't slept in her bed either, but that's okay! Have you looked into a tucker sling? Maybe an option. A really sweet nurse gave Ava one. Brooklyn's stidor is Inhalatory, are they sure it's Tracheomalacia and not Laryngomalacia? I was told the major difference is with T.M., the stridor is predominant during exhalation. Are you like me, so used to hearing the stridor that when you're around another baby, you think something is wrong because you can't hear them breathe? LOL I love her baby legs!!

Tori said...

She is so cute! I'm sorry that you have had all this stress with her respiratory problems. My baby just has it a little bit and it's stressful, so I can imagine that it's so much worse for you! If it helps, a stranger is sending a prayer your way!

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