Friday, September 5, 2008

The many names of Brooklyn

We call Brooklyn so many different nicknames that it will be a wonder if she ever learns her real name! Currently, her aliases include:

- Baby Bear (My favorite! ♥)
- Little B (also L.B.)
- Tiny One
- Squeaky (Given to her by some of my coworkers)
- Peanut (This was started by the nurses at the hospital when she was born)
- Sweet Bear
- Sugar Bear
- Miss B
- Brook-a-lyn
- Snuggle Bug
- Sweetie Pie
- Sweet Pea (What my mom calls her)
- Pretty Girl
- Munchkin
- Spider Monkey/Monkey Girl (Courtesy of my hubby. I asked him why and he said he didn't know. He just likes it. I never said that he made sense....)
- Stinkbug (Hubby again!)
- Pretty much any adjective that you could put before the word "bear" to describe her at that given moment, i.e. Sleepy Bear, Happy Bear, Hungry Bear, Silly Bear, Smiley Bear, Angry Bear.

:) So, what do you call your babies besides their actual names?


MrsSpock said...

We call our son Boo-Boo, Pumpkin, and Jonah-boo.

And Baby Makes Three said...

Where do I begin...Ryan was worried at first that Claire would never learn her name too! We call her Tink (as in Tinkerbell) most of the time, Peanut Butter, Claire Bear, Angel, Princess, and we USED to call her Spider Monkey too! That is too funny that someone else calls their baby that too...we called her that becuase when she was super tiny and we'd burp her she made this pathetic face that looked just like a Spider Monkey. Crazy how people can live so far away and have so much in common...have a fantastic weekend!

Beth & Steven said...

Mama's Little Love (or LL, seriously, for short), sweets & love usually. And sometimes "pump", short for pumpkin. It's funny b/c he now can repeat everything we say. :) Your names for Brooklyn are so cute!

Sam said...

I call my 11-year old Chicken. On the blog and in real life. Oh, and "asshole" sometimes.

edie & ella said...

We are well... thanks for the comment. I finally updated today...we have been busy!!! I have been reading everything though...just not commenting. Poor sweet B.....what a little trooper huh!!! SAM

Carrie27 said...

We use the following for our daughter:

Peanut, snuggle butt, stink pot, silly butt, and monkey

Julka said...

Same here... I won't even begin to count the number of nicknames our girls have, some of which are kind of pathetic, lol. Love yours, they're all cute!

Anonymous said...

Our girl is Beanie, Beans, Beanface, Beanhead, and for the purposes of blogging, The Bean.

Our little guy is Bubba or, most recently, Bubby. And because his head is about as round and bald as it gets, I like to call him Chuck, as in Charlie Brown.

I just bought him a bee costume for Halloween, but his head is so circular that I could get away with a yellow shirt and a drawing on the back of his head for Charlie Brown.

Jennifer said...

Stinker Butt, Little Lady, Sweet Face, Chubber Cheeks, Ruffle Butt, The Drooler, Stinker Foot, Piglet, Big Little... I'm sure there are many more I can't think of off the top of my head! I need to think about this and write them down, thanks for the idea! And I swear, she doesn't stink, she smells heavenly to me so don't ask why half her names have 'stinker' in them.

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