Monday, June 30, 2008


This weekend, the hubby and I took Brooklyn to get her 3 month pictures done. It was quite the frustrating exerience! Brooklyn was in a fussy mood and just didn't want to be messed with! We go Wednesday to pick out which ones we want, and I don't think we are going to have much to choose from....lots of crying, lots of pouting. She did fall asleep for a bit and they took some pics then. Oh well. We'll see.

Oh - for some of the pics, I had Brooklyn in her dress that she wore home from the hospital! It actually fits her good now (it's a size Newborn). She is so petite.

David was off this weekend, so on Saturday night, we went on a DATE! My MIL came over and stayed with Brooklyn, and we went and saw The Happening and went out to eat. The movie wasn't very good...I am disappointed in M. Night Shyamalan...I am usually a big fan of his work. But this movie wasn't very well written, had some really crappy acting, and none of his unpredictable plot twists. David and I had a nice evening alone. In a way, it was good to get some time to ourselves, but I also found myself missing Brooklyn a lot too. I know it's important for us to have time when we can just be a married couple, but since I miss so much time with Brooklyn during my work weeks, I don't really want to do anything on the weekends that would take me away from her, or even take away from my time that I could be holding her.

Brooklyn has been really, really fussy and has been spitting up a lot more since starting her new medicines. I don't know whether they don't work or if they just take a while to kick in, but it feels like we are going back to where we were before we knew that she had reflux. She didn't get to start the new meds until Friday. The pediatric pulmonologist wrote on her Reglan prescription that she was to take "0._" milligrams. So of course, the pharmacy couldn't fill it without finding out the proper dosage. It took over 2 days of David, myself, and the pharmacy calling the doctor to get the situation corrected. All so that Brooklyn could start taking her medicine. I was disappointed in the doctor for this...I mean, I know you're busy, but what's a minute of your time to correct your mistake? Sigh.

Last night, I saw an online job posting for a part time academic advisor position at a local college. I need to sit down and do the math to see if the pay would be enough to cover our expenses, since it would cut my salary in half. Also, we would have to pay to put Brooklyn and myself on my hubby's insurance. If the money is enough, I will definitely apply. 20 more hours to be at home with my sweet girl would be WONDERFUL.

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