Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Brooklyn rolled over from her back to her tummy tonight! I was getting a little concerned about her not being on track with her motor milestones. Of course, I always manage to find something to worry about. So this was a very good thing :)

I am proud of my little baby bear!

Oh...AND...she slept almost 8 hours straight last night!!! This nearly doubles our previous record of 4 1/2 hours in one stretch. Yaaaay Brooklyn! Let's hope for a repeat performance tonight!

She has been trying to suck her thumb for the past couple of weeks. She can suck her hand, and sometimes get her thumb extended, but just can't quiiiiite get her thumb in her mouth to suck. Not for more than a second anyway. That's what she is doing in the picture here. As you can see, Brooklyn is very pleased with herself!


Julka said...

WTG on the milestones.. my oldest never rolled over and she's 21 months now =) that's great about 8 hours, must be refreshing... *yawn!*

DC said...

She is too stinkin' cute (and is apparently a champion sleeper as well)!! :)

baby~amore' said...

Yay Brooklyn - she is so cute and clever.I love coming to see her smiles.

Momma Mary said...

Yay!!! Don't worry TOO much!! there is a HUGE HUGE range of normal. :) Glad she's doing well though!

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