Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It wasn't me

So I got a call from my OB yesterday...the culture on my breastmilk was negative. Brooklyn's salmonella did NOT come from me. That's a relief in one sense because I don't feel like I poisoned my baby. But where did it come from?

There was an article in the local newspaper today in which the city manager of the small town we live in said that he wanted to address "rumors which have been circulating via email regarding salmonella in the water supply." What rumors are these??? I was concerned to say the least. The article went on to say that the water was safe, no problems, they had passed the mandatory testing required by the state for all but one city well.

I called the city manager and he repeatedly told me the water was completely safe to drink. He said that the "rumors" had to do with some emails from concerned citizens. He said that he thought that they might have confused our city with another similarly named town that has recently had cryptosporum in their water supply. But what does that have to do with the salmonella, and why did he feel the need to address it in the media? I requested copies of the water testing reports from last month. He said that we could pick them up tomorrow.

It's probably nothing. Brooklyn probably did not get sick from the city water supply. I am probably just grasping at straws trying to figure out how my baby got so sick. But I need to try to find out, so I am looking into this.


Carrie27 said...

What a relief to know that your breastmilk wasn't the cause of it all.

Hope said...

I'm so happy to know it wasn't the breastmilk. It is a little coincadental about the water supply. Maybe let her Dr know? I'm thinking of you both as you go through the battery of tests.

edie & ella said...

that must feel great.. i know how worried you were. sam

Momma Mary said...

I figured it wouldn't be you. It would be wierd for an intestinal disease to end up in your milk. I agree with hope though. It IS a big coincidence that the mayor said something about salmonella in the water the SAME time she caught it. Hopefully she'll heal quickly and you'll find the source. Are you pumping at all? Have you sanitized your pump or bought new tubing, etc? I'll keep you in my prayers!!

Cibele said...

I am so glad that the culture came back negative... I hope she si doing okay

Julka said...

Oh my, that's scary. I am so glad it's not from your milk..!

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