Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Of healing....

Our friend who was in a terrible car accident remained in a coma for over a month. A couple of weeks ago, he woke up from his deep sleep. Since then, he has been moved to a rehabilitation hospital in Dallas. Each day, he gains strength. Every day, he accomplishes something new.

We have talked to him on the phone twice now. He sounds remarkably like his "old self." He has a long way to go though. He has suffered a traumatic brain injury. But the progress he has made so far is absolutely incredible. It is unbelievable that he was at death's door not even two months ago. And a month ago, no one knew if he would ever awaken from his coma. And here he is. Amazing. I have never seen such evidence of the power of prayer before.

Yesterday, on the way to my mother's house to pick up Brooklyn, I drove past the tree that our friend wrapped his truck around on that rainy December day. There are many deep gashes in it, large cuts that expose the light yellowy pulp, a stark contrast to the dark brown bark.

It is wounded. But it still stands strong. Just like our dear friend.

In time, they will both heal.


Jennifer W. said...

I am so glad your friend is getting better. Amazing. That tree sounds like a great subject for a D90.

Liz said...

Beautiful post!

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