Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Okay, I have tried about a dozen times to post a video on here to better explain what I am about to tell y'all about, but Blogger just will not cooperate with me.

Brooklyn started taking steps on May 16. Yaaaaaaay Baby Bear! She is getting around so well now and we are so proud of her!

I do have a concern though...and that was going to be the reason for the video (other than showing off what my baby girl can do!). Within a couple of days after Brooklyn started walking, we could see that she was leading with her left leg. Like, a lot. It's like she takes a step with her left leg, then pulls the right leg after it. Not like a limp, because she does actually take a step with the right leg (she doesn't drag it), just like maybe one leg is a lot stronger than the other or something??? She definitely favors that left leg.

The reason this kind of freaks me out is because Brooklyn has had a head tilt for about seven or eight months or so. We knew her head was somewhat flattened because of her having to sleep in her car seat and not tolerating tummy time. The flattening was more so on the left side, so once we became aware of it, we had to roll up a blanket at night and put it under one side of her car seat head rest to encourage her to turn her head the other way. We were also supposed to do some physical therapy exercises with her to help it, but she screamed such bloody murder every time that I just couldn't do it anymore. When she started sitting, she would lean her head to the left much of the time. After she began crawling, it was pointed out to me that she always angled and tilted her head to the left.

I really don't think the leading with the left leg is as dramatic now as it was during her first week or two of walking. So maybe it will correct itself. I don't know. Brooklyn does have a pedicatrician's appointment this Friday, and she sees her pulmonologist next Wednesday. So I will definitely be bringing it up. But in the meantime, I am worrying!!!

Can anyone tell me whether this sounds like something I should be worried about??? Or has anyone had a similar experience???


Carrie27 said...

I have no idea if that is something to be worried about or not, but I wanted to say congrats to Brooklyn! WAlking is both great and sad at the same time.

Cibele said...

Look at Lyla's first steps

She also started with the left legs, took big steps with this legs ad dragged he other one, after 2 weeks she was walking normally. I hope it helps

JAMIE ANN said...

I will be praying. I think sometimes it is just the way they will do things. For sure ask the doctors. My son has gone through somethings. I feel he is not walking the right way either but I can not pin point what it is. It could be something until she gets use to the matter or walking. She is walking and getting around. Could be from sleeping with her head to the same side. Just going to favor one side over another. I will for sure be praying for you and the family. Thanks for sharing your experinces with us.

Sarah said...

Claire isn't walking on her own yet, but is literally running holding onto our fingers. When she first started though she dragged/drug (sp??) her right foot behind her. I asked her Dr. at her one year check up and she said that they aren't concerned until they are walking 100% for a while--a lot of these things "fix" themselves over time.

BUT, with her head tilt (Claire had one too--we spent months doing the streching exercies with many complaints from her)it may be something that your Dr. or PT may want to look at.

Remember, look at the big picture--she's catching up, right on target, and doing great!

Liz said...

None of my kids had that problem, but I'm curious to watch the video!

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