Tuesday, June 16, 2009

15 month pedi visit...or....The Day Brooklyn Hit the Big 2-0!

Friday, Brooklyn went to see Dr. A for her 15 month well visit. This was a great visit for several reasons:

- We have not had to go see Dr. A in 3 WHOLE MONTHS....since Brooklyn's 12 month well visit! Of course, we have had specialist visits since then....but still, this is a record for us by far!

- During these 3 months, Brooklyn has grown a LOT. The nurses were oohing and ahhing over her and saying she didn't even look like the same baby anymore! Dr. A was very impressed with how Brooklyn looked and commented on how she has a little tummy now. So of course, I had to point out her little chubby rolls that have recently appeared on her thighs as well. :) Everyone at Dr. A's office knows us well and really cares about Brooklyn since she has spent so much time there. It was really cool to hear them all compliment her progress!

- And yes, my baby girl weighed in at 20 POUNDS EVEN!!!! And that puts her in the TENTH PERCENTILE for the FIRST TIME EVER!!! She was also 29 1/2 inches tall, which is 25th percentile!!!! That's a lot of capital letters and a lot of exclamation points....but wow....this is so HUGE for us. We have waited SO LONG for Brooklyn just to be on the growth charts. Last month at Dr. R's, she hit 3rd percentile, and now she has already made a jump to the 10th percentile!!! Awesome!!!!

So that's my big news!!!

Other than that...Brooklyn walked around for Dr. A so that he could see the way that she is leading with her left leg. One thing that is odd about this is that Dave had noticed that it is much more noticable when she is carrying around her toys. So I gave her my keys to hold, and sure enough, the left leg leading thing became MUCH more dramatic. Dr. A didn't know why. He said that Brooklyn does still have a slight head tilt, but he doesn't know if the two are related. He said that the way a child walks for the first two or three months doesn't usually mean that they will walk that way permanently. Dr. A examined Brooklyn and said that there is nothing anatomically wrong that is causing her to walk that way (nothing wrong with her hips, her muscle tone in her legs are even, her "butt creases" line up).

He said that we could put Brooklyn in physical therapy twice a week if we wanted....we said that we would do what he told us in that respect, because obviously we don't know if she needs therapy or not...we aren't the experts. Dr. A decided that we will keep an eye on her walking and head tilt for the next few months. He will see her at 18 months and decide whether physical therapy is needed at that time.

As I previously mentioned....Dr. A was thrilled with Brooklyn's weight gain and development. She has caught up with her motor development, where she was lagging way behind six months ago. He said that it was "miraculous" to see her doing so well now! He told us to keep doing exactly what we are doing with her feedings, because it is finally working!

He doesn't know why she hasn't outgrown her laryngomalacia and why her stridor is still so loud at times. We go to Dr. G2, Brooklyn's pulmonologist, tomorrow. Of course, Dr. A just defers to the specialist's areas of expertise and will wait for Dr. G2's next report. He agreed with what Dr. R had said last month...that since Brooklyn is now growing so well, she shouldn't need surgical intervention.

Oh...on a funny note, when Dr. A got up to leave, Brooklyn pushed his chair over to him (it's one of those stools with wheels) and tried to get him to sit back down. Dr A was laughing and complimenting Brooklyn on how smart she is, because most 15 month olds wouldn't know that the stool was a chair and what it was for!

These positive doctor appointments are so, so good for Dave and I. We didn't know what this felt like until a few months ago :) I hope that tomorrow's visit with Dr. G2 will be an encouraging one as well....


Cibele said...

WOW! yay for all the good news. I am so happy for you, your mommy is a doing job with you!

momofonefornow said...

Woot! Way to go Brooklyn!!!

Jennifer W. said...

Oh I am SO excited for you two! Go Brooklyn!!!

Liz said...

Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All three of my kids were around 20 lbs between 12-15 months without any feeding/developmental issues, so she really is totally up to speed in that regard! Way to GROW Brooklyn!!

Beth said...

Oh my goodness... how fantastic!!! Yay, Brooklyn, you go BIG GIRL!!! :o)

I am SO HAPPY for BOTH of you!!! xoxo

Sarah said...

Go Brooklyn, Go!!! We are doing the happy dance for you. We know all to well how A*W*E*S*O*M*E it feels to be on the "normal" charts!!!!! Your mommy is doing an amazing job!

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