Friday, April 3, 2009

Great news!

This post is nearly a week overdue. I have been seriously neglecting my blog for the past week and a half; in fact, I even forgot that I had this awesome new layout! I don't have any good reason why I haven't been writing. I have been reading and commenting, just not doing anything here! I have been trying to post a blog full of pics from Brooklyn's birthday party (yes, it was nearly 3 weeks ago, I know!), but Blogger hasn't been cooperating. Maybe some of y'all who do picture-heavy posts can give me some pointers? It is failing to upload my pics altogether. Maybe I need to resize the files.


We took Brooklyn for her one year appointment with Dr. G2, the pulmonologist, last Friday. He said that he was IMPRESSED with Brooklyn's progress. He actually said IMPRESSED! He was happy with the way she is catching up on her motor milestones and that she is growing.

Brooklyn's breathing was very uncharacteristically quiet throughout our visit with Dr. G2. I told him that it was quite deceiving because she certainly doesn't sound that good all of the time! She does have some periods where she breathes without a stridor, but not normally for that long. I told him how loud she gets when she plays and crawls around now, and told him about the new noise she has been making - that long, jaggedy, drawn-out stridor. He said that that noise is probably because her body is growing and she is requiring more air to be active. Her airway is apprently folding down or collapsing on itself more as she takes these big breaths to move her body around so much. He said that her body should continue to grow inside as well, and allow her airway to catch up with her. At the same time, the cartilage on her larynx should be starting to harden so that it won't be floppy anymore. We tried to get Brooklyn to play around in the office so that Dr. G2 could hear how loud she gets. We got toys out of her bag and placed them on the other side of the room. Dr. G2 put his keys in the corner of the room as well. We placed Brooklyn on the ground, but she was not at all interested in crawling around. She just sat there looking at the three of us, then held her arms up to me so that I would pick her up. It was much like taking your car to the shop and it won't make "that noise" for the mechanic. Dr. G2 said that we could take a video of her playing and breathing loudly at home and send it to him so that he could see and hear what we were talking about.

Brooklyn weighed 16 lbs, 7 ounces. This is exactly what she weighed 2 1/2 weeks prior, at her one year well visit. But she is super active right now...I mean, the girl is constantly on the move and into everything! So I can understand why it would be even harder for her to gain weight now. Dr. G2 said basically the same thing as Brooklyn's pediatrician...yes, she is still below 3rd percentile in growth, but for her, it is progress and it is okay.

The great news is that Brooklyn does NOT need surgery on her airway! Dr. G2 said that she should outgrow her laryngomalacia by 14 months. We will see him again when she is 15 months old to see whether that has happened. He did not tell us what the plan of action will be if she has not outgrown everything by that time. So we are hoping that he is right....but then again, we were told that Brooklyn would outgrow her laryngomalacia by 4 months...then 6 months...8 months....a year. Obviously it hasn't happened yet.

But I am trying to stay positive and hope for the best. It's easier to do now that we are hearing positive words from all of Brooklyn's doctors. Like what Dr. G2 said last week - that when he first saw Brooklyn, he was very worried about her and had her worked in to see Dr. M, the ear/nose/throat doctor that same day. He said that he didn't do that because we were from out of town, it was because he was quite concerned about Brooklyn. He feels like she is making great improvements and even said that if she has outgrown the laryngomalacia in June, he will release her from his care! I wonder what that will feel like!

We had a similarly good appointment with Dr. R, Brooklyn's gastroenterologist, last Tuesday. He is keeping all of her medications the same and instructed us to continue feeding her exactly the way we are now. She gets 2 baby foods a day and usually a little bit of table food. The rest of the time it is still breastmilk or her increased calorie formula. Dr. R said that we will not transition her off of formula until she is at least 15-18 months. Basically, she is gaining some weight now and staying on "her own curve" (that's what all of her doctors call it), so he doesn't want to mess with what works. Brooklyn is continuing to spit up a lot, but now swallows it most of the time. I was worried about that - but Dr. R said that there really isn't much we can do about it. Her reflux medications will keep the spitup from damaging her esophagus when she swallows it back down. Apparently that is the main concern. We see Dr. R again in 8 weeks.

Baby Bear is my tough little fighter! It makes me so proud of her to see her progressing and surprising her doctors. And the no surgery thing....what a weight lifted off our shoulders. I'm telling you, this baby girl is amazing.


Beth said...

I am so happy to start off my morning reading this great news! Go Brooklyn!! Go Mama!! I can tell how relieved you are... don't you just love getting good news from doctors? Yay!!! :o)

Hope said...

WooHoo!! Great news! I'm so happy she doesn't need surgery!

Sarah said...

I was starting to wonder where you went...

So glad to hear things are looking up and positive for Brooklyn. Keep doing what you're doing!!!

Can't wait to see the pictures from her party...we (I) am having so much fun planning Claire's big day!

Luckygirl said...

So happy for your good doctor reports lately! Yay for Brooklyn!

Hope you get the pics figured out soon, cause I'd love to see her eating cake and looking cute :)

Cibele said...

She is amazing indeed! and so are you, an amazing mom!. I am so happy with all these great news!
can't wait to see the pics from her bday party. have a great weekent girls!

MrsSpock said...

That is all fantastic news!

edie & ella said...

go Brooklyn......sweet little girl!!! no surgery....16 pounds...faking it for the are a little trickster!!!
How is your brother? Anything new with him?
Take care and thanks for the update!!! sam

Jennifer W. said...

YES!! So excited for all your good news!

Carrie27 said...

My oldest still swallows all day long at almost 2 years old. She goes in soon for her 2 year appointment. I know she isn't spitting up as she knows how to control it and keep it down, but now she is having tummy problems as well. Worried mommy over here.

I hate when kiddos don't do as they normally do when you are at the doctor. We have taken the twins in before with fevers and by the time we get there their fevers go down. Go figure.

Liz said...

I think I can hear the hallelujah chorus! :) Great news!!

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